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The bladefixers are now available at Screwfix and are for sale on Amazon. I have struggled with these in the past, and still do. In this video I enlisted the help of a friend to see if he could get the bladefixers to work any better than I could. He managed to get them to work, to some degree. You might think that Bladefixers are the best plasterboard fixing ever, or you might think they are useless. I’ve filmed my experience with them in this video. The weight test video can be seen here-

Snap-toggle video here-
Plasterboard weight test video including the snap toggle (zip fix)
Fixing heavy items to drywall/plasterboard-

Zip fix on ebay-

Some plasterboard fixings will not work correctly unless you get the correct fixing for the thickness of plasterboard that you are fixing to! If you are fixing to plasterboard which has been dot and dabbed to a wall, you can fix to the wall behind using one of these two fixings-
Rigifix fixings-
Corefix fixings-

Here are some other plasterboard fixing videos that you might find useful-
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If you want to know which plasterboard fixings can hold the most weight, I have done several tests over the years, all of which have been collated into a single forum post here-
Fixings videos
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