Fixings videos

This section contains videos showing how to use all types of fastener and fixing. There is always a better solution for fixing to a substrate and so as many fixings as possible have been used on a variety of different substrates.

  • 05:42 Popular How to fix heavy items to plasterboard / drywall

    How to fix heavy items to plasterboard / drywall

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    One of the questions I get asked regularly is how to fix heavy items such as a TV to plasterboard or drywall. Unfortunately there are no plasterboard fixings available that I would trust to hold up a 65 inch TV that has cost hundreds of pounds, as even th

  • 09:37 Popular How to remove rounded off screws

    How to remove rounded off screws

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    In this video I look at how to remove somerounded screws by using everything from an elastic band to a dedicated damaged screw removal bit. The 7 techniques used in this video are- Elastic band Impact screwdriver Damaged screw remover Trend Grab it pro Le

  • 04:41 Popular How to fix to insulated drywall

    How to fix to insulated drywall

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    Fixing to insulated drywall can be very difficult. In this demonstration I use space-plugs to bridge the gap between the item being fixed and the external wall. Fixing to an insulated wall is much easier if you use the space plugs. Some insulateddrywall c

  • 04:33 Popular GripIt fixings

    GripIt fixings

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    GripIt fixings are a quick and easy way of fixing to plasterboard or drywall. These fixings are easy to use and currently come in four different sizes depending on what you are fixing to the plasterboard or drywall. Currently 4 different GripIt fixing are

  • 05:44 Popular Dewalt wall dogs

    Dewalt wall dogs

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    Dewalt wall dogs are an all steel, tension free, one piece threaded fastener that is suitable for use in most substrates including concrete, stone, brick, plasterboard and timber. When using the dewalt wall dogs in concrete, brick or masonry it is a good

  • 01:40 Popular How to use Shear nuts

    How to use Shear nuts

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    Shear nuts are a security nut that are very difficult to remove without specialist tools, as their name implies the head of the nut shears off leaving behind a dome shaped nut which is very difficult to grip, making removal very difficult. The shear nuts

  • 01:48 Popular How to use Concrete screws

    How to use Concrete screws

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    Concrete screws are a really fast and easy way to fix to masonry. Once the correct drill bit has been selected you can use these fasteners really quickly as there is no messing about- just drill the correct size hole and then screw the concrete screw into

  • 02:07 Popular How to use Clutch head screws

    How to use Clutch head screws

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    Clutch head screws are a security screw which are designed to be difficult to remove with a normal screw driver. This video shows how to drive in clutch head screws, the important thing is to drill a pilot hole so that the screws do not get stuck when dri

  • 02:17 Popular How to use a hollow wall anchor setting tool

    How to use a hollow wall anchor setting tool

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    Hollow wall anchors such as rawlplug intersets or Mollys can sometimes be installed without using the special setting tool, but in drywall that is not plastered the setting tool is essential. The cost of the hollow wall anchor setting tool is about £

  • 04:58 Popular How to use resin fixings

    How to use resin fixings

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    Resin anchors are a great way of fixing to many substrates including Brick, concrete and stone. Because resin fixings do not rely on expansion force, they can be used in places where traditional fixings that rely on expansion cannot be used such as close

  • 04:47 Popular How to use Concrete anchors

    How to use Concrete anchors

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    Concrete anchors are a heavy duty anchor for fixing objects to masonry surfaces. Here we use a thru bolt to demonstrate how to fix a piece of wood to a concrete slab. One problem with thru bolts is that they are extremely difficult to remove and so here w

  • 04:54 Popular How to set hollow wall anchors

    How to set hollow wall anchors

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    How to use hollow wall anchors to fix to drywall without using the setting tool. This can be done providing the drywall has been skimmed with plaster, if it has not it is advisable to use the hollow wall anchor setting tool.

  • 02:26 Popular How to use snaptoggles

    How to use snaptoggles

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    Buy snaptoggles here- snaptoggles are a great way of fixing to hollow plasterboard walls. These plasterboard fixings are extremely easy to use and are one of the best fixings for plasterboard that I have used. If you need a strong a

  • 01:52 Popular How to use Spring toggles

    How to use Spring toggles

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    Spring toggles are commonly available in most countries and can be used for fixing medium weight items to hollow plasterboard walls. Here we demonstrate how to use spring toggles as well as the disadvantages of using them. Spring toggles are widely availa

  • 08:30 Popular Fixing to Drywall

    Fixing to Drywall

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    Fixing todrywall can be achieved several ways, here we demonstrate a few methods of fixing todrywall or drywall that has been used in a hollow wall construction that consists of a wall that is build from timber studs and plasterboard/drywall sheets.

  • 04:04 Popular How to fix to a dot & Dab wall

    How to fix to a dot & Dab wall

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    Rigifix wall anchors are ideal for fixing heavy items to plasterboard walls that have a solid wall behind. Fixing heavy items to solid walls that have been drylined can be difficult as normal fixings can be problematic, The rigifix anchor provides an extr

  • 02:15 Popular Timber thread inserts

    Timber thread inserts

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    Timberthread inserts are very useful as they can be tightened and loosened an unlimited amount of times. If you tighten and loosen a normal wood screw eventually it will enlarge the hole and will not grip as well, by using timber thread inserts you can ov