Drywall fixing foam


Dry fix plasterboard fixing foam from Pinkgrip, which is made by everbuild is a very quick and easy way to fix plasterboard to solid walls. Apparently this can also be used to fix the plasterboard to a stud wall as well but that’s a bit pointless in my honest opinion. This is the second video I have made using this product, the original has now been deleted. In the first video I followed the advice in the official dry fix installation video, which did not mention wetting a very dry wall, which is why the plasterboard took ages to hold in position. Since then I have used the product several times and it works great as long as you don’t try and stick it to a very dry or dusty wall. The advantages of this foam over dry wall adhesive are that you don’t have to carry heavy bags to the job, you don’t need a bucket and mixing machine to mix the product and it can be plastered after 1 hour. You must of course use mechanical fixings such as the insofast mechanical fixings for fixing the sheets after the foam has set, this also needs to be done when using the dot & dab method as you should never rely on the adhesive alone to hold the sheet in position.

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