How to fit an outside tap

An outside tap, often called a bib tap is a useful addition, as it can be used for washing the drive or watering the plants. You can even install an outside tap on the hot water, which is great for filling the paddling pool for the kids. There are several ways to fit one of these taps, ideally you would install it over a drain, but that is not always possible. It can also be difficult to find a pipe to Tee into because walls can be tiled or kitchen units can be in the way. Below are some links to other videos that might help, plus links to the products on Toolstation.

How to fit an isolation valve-
How to use push fit fittings -
Slip coupling - Tee into a rigid pipe-
Where to use PTFE tape-
How to use wall plugs-
How to use PTFE tape-
Outside tap cover-

Links to products used from Toolstation-

1/2 BSP back plate and 15mm tube, 350mm long -
1/2 BSP outside tap with double check valves -
15mm Isolation valve with lever -
Push fit fittings-

All the above should be available from your local plumbers merchants.
Plumbing videos
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