Muck truck | Mini dumper | How to move 15 tons of rubble

In this video a muck truck, or mini dumper is used to move 15 tons of rubble from the back of my neighbours house to a 8 yard skip, which is at the front of the property. It’s roughly 20 metres or over 60 feet from the rubble to the skip, and the driveway is quite steep. Originally my neighbour was going to do this using a wheel barrow, which would have been almost impossible and would have taken days. The mini dumper was hired from HSS hire for the day-

This is one of the most time-consuming videos that I have ever had to edit and probably spent in excess of 40 hours editing the 10+ hours of video footage into this short video!

This is how the concrete base was broken up-
General home repair
Muck truck, moving rubble, moving broken concrete
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