The worlds best stud finder

Worlds best stud finder 2019! Stud finders are expensive and, in many cases totally useless. Over the years I have tried several stud finders and none of them have been reliable, or have been able to find studs as effectively as Neodymium magnets. The magnets actually find the screw or nails which are holding the plasterboard to the wooden studs. In the UK studs are normally spaced at between 400mm and 600mm, although I have just found a stud wall with studs spaced at 900mm!
It costs less than £10 for a pack of Neodymium magnets and these will last for decades and never have a flat battery.

The magnets I used in the video are like these-

If anyone does know of an electronic stud finder that actually works (not a wall scanner) and is accurate, please let me know.
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